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Diginyze and CRM integration offers eCommerce owners a unified hub to keep and manage all their customer information. Fully customizable dashboard to track the scope of your marketing activities and customer data.


All Customer Data in One Window

Access and manage all your customer information including name, purchase history, address and much more from a unified hub.


Centralized Delivery/Shipment Synchronization

Track all your order statuses on a single platform. Track shipments easily by customer email, carrier, delivery status and other key parameters.


Order History

Instant access to complete order history including pricing, order information, purchase history, and much more to help you sell more.


Intelligent Abandoned Cart Nurturing

Use a combination of customer browsing history and Google Analytics to identify the reason for cart abandonment cart and persuade the customer to complete the process.


Point-of-Sale Features

One platform with all eCommerce and point-of-sale features you need to kickstart and amplify your business. Visualize real-time sales information for sales forecasting.

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