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Diginyze: A Next-Gen & State-of-the-art Digital Transformation Suite

Diginyze is your go-to eCommerce platform to help your business grow faster, amplify your brand and sell globally on multiple marketplaces including B2C, B2B, C2C, D2B/C and other digital channels.

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Easy to Configure and Customize

Set up your e-store in minutes. Customize your website on the go.


More than eCommerce

Diginyze is more than just an eCommerce tool, our powerful business commerce platform lets you effectively manage all your marketing campaigns including email marketing, social media, SEO and much more, all from a unified hub.


Smart Inventory Management

Track stocks and manage your back office, finance, and accounting operations with integrated inventory management. Add-on modules such as bulk import/export, product SKU tracking, and real time reports.


Diginyze Mobile

Run your business on the go. Diginyze lets you manage customers, orders, products, finances, staff and much more from your couch, your desk or anywhere in between.


Pick and Customize a Theme on the Go

Customize your e-store, pick from 1000+ themes. No programming or designing skills required.


Manage Everything

Gain valuable insights you need to grow your business. Single pane of glass to manage shipping, orders, payments, refunds, etc. anywhere you go.


Smart Customer Management

Deliver experiences tailored to your customers' online behavior, in real time and build customer loyalty.


Sell Everywhere

Unified platform to sell and manage products – in person with POS and online through your social media, online marketplaces and website.


Multi-Vendor Marketplace Business Models

Turnkey B2B, B2C, and C2C Multi-Vendor marketplace business models.


Sell Globally

Win new markets with integrated and powerful multi-vendor marketplace business models.

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Case Study

Leading US based Industry Equipment Distributor Embraces Digital Transformation with Diginyze
  • Offbeat user interface and functionality leading to inferior user experience and order placement experiences
  • Difficulties in modifying vendor products and details such as price, technical specifications, etc.
  • Disorganized catalogue management leading to poor product discoverability
  • Lack of identity & access management and multi-factor authentication
  • Non user-friendly store
  • Lack of robust customer support
  • Poor site and navigation experience
Diginyze Solution

The client’s team believed Diginyze would be the best option for their business. By unifying the client’s sales channels and bringing all their front and back –office operations under one roof, they were able to manage their inventory and update product information across diverse channels with ease. In addition, the newly designed eCommerce portal facilitated smooth and user-friendly experience. Since all data is centralized now, potential customers can now see accurate inventory details in real-time. Most importantly, capturing customer data is now less stressful, as this is automated with Diginyze’ built-in digital marketing capabilities.

We customized Diginyze’ with the following features to meet the client’s specific business objectives.

  • Integrated Custom responsive and collaborative design
  • AI-driven product categorization for improved user engagement
  • Improved UI/UX
  • Custom workflows for backend users to manage product catalogs and more
  • Risk-based authentication and access policies powered by AI
  • Secure shopping experience with built-in threat protection & two-factor authentication
  • Enterprise-grade security with PCI DSS-compliant 3DES algorithm for data encryption
  • AI-driven analytics and real-time reporting
  • New user-friendly design and increased traffic
  • A powerful and unified dashboard to manage everything
  • Improved and intelligent product categorization
  • Improved user engagement
  • Enterprise-grade security, data encryption and role based access privilege
  • Real-time reporting and business intelligence
  • User manual with comprehensive user training
  • End-to-end back office automation
  • Next-gen eCommerce platform with optimum scalability, maintainability and usability


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