eCommerce Automation with Diginyze – Get more done for less

Automate day-to-day repetitive tasks, provide seamless checkout experiences and shift your focus on other important areas.

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Turn manual and mundane tasks into automated workflows across the store. Build custom workflows that leverage your existing apps and data to scale your business.


Enhanced Customer Experiences

Launch campaigns based on product tags such as high-spend customers or pre-orders. Segment, identify and reward customers by their buying behaviors and annual spend. Notify your customers when sales starts and their wishlist items are back in stock. AI-powered visual search for personalized and effortless shopping experience.


Automated Inventory Management

Leverage AI to identify user demand using predictive analytics and automate inventory & warehouse optimization and supplier backorders. Get rid of human errors by automating inventory decisions. Get automatic alerts for low-stocks.


Marketing Automation

Drive customer experience to next level with excellent marketing automation capabilities. Take the guesswork out and run flash sales and marketing campaigns with data-driven marketing autopilot.


Sell Stress-Free

Take the stress out of sales. Eliminate the complexities involved in sales. Free up your sales team from admin tasks so that they focus more on selling. Automate follow-ups, call tracking, repetitive sales chores, etc.

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Focus on what matters the most. Sales.

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