Marketing Automation to Drive Ultra Personalized Customer Experiences

Take the guesswork out of marketing with Diginyze’ built-in marketing capabilities that help you create, launch, and analyze successful marketing campaigns on the go.

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Explore what the world is searching

Keep up with popular search trends


Real-Time Customer Intelligence

Understand customer search behavior


Quantifiable Marketing Strategy

Align business goals with your marketing strategy


Competitor Analysis & Benchmarking

Beat your competitors by cracking their strategies via tested competitor analysis and benchmarking.


Smart Customer Journey Insights

Get intelligent insights into customer journey

Marketing Feature

Digital Marketing Intelligence & Analytics

Real-time marketing intelligence to devise and launch impactful campaigns. Complete visibility of KPIs, comprehensive knowledge of customer acquisition cost (CAC) and ROI for each campaign and marketing activity. Track website traffic, CPC, CTR, conversion rate, open rate and much more on a unified dashboard. Get deep predictive insights into marketing for future growth.

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  • Data-Driven Campaigns

    Create highly targeted online marketing campaigns. Launch email campaigns from ready-to-use designs – no experience needed.

  • Intelligent Market Segmentation

    Send the right message each time by effectively targeting specific groups of customers. Launch marketing campaigns based on priorities, needs, demographics, interests and other behavioral criteria to understand the target audience much better.

  • Personalized Social Media Experiences

    Boost your social media engagement rate with highly personalized social media marketing content and strategy.

  • Behavioral Tracking

    Deliver personalized experiences with behavioral tracking. Leverage data on diverse consumer behaviors to deliver effective and relevant messaging.

  • Killer Abandoned Cart Emails

    Re-engage shoppers with automated and well-timed email reminders. Recover orders that were just a click away from closing. Choose from ready-to-shoot emails with hundreds of catchy call-to-actions. Identify abandoned order information.

See what is happening on your website in real-time


Get intelligent and real-time site analytics pertaining to customers’ navigation history, purchase patterns, buying preferences and much more.


Business intelligence at your fingertips to help you track insights that matter. Understand user journey and penchants across your website with heat maps and real-time customer journey analytics.

Get a Birds-Eye View of Your Marketing Strategy


Attract your ideal customer with the right content strategies.


Fast-track your display and search ad campaigns with performance-focused marketing.


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