diginyze Mobility

Diginyze Mobility – Run Your Business on the Go

The Diginyze app lets you manage products, customers, staff and orders from your couch, your desk or anywhere on the go. Avoid the high cost of mobile development to provide your users with a personalized and consistent experience. Diginyze shun the need for expensive development, design and upgrade often associated with other mobile solutions.

Running your business shouldn’t be a desk job today. Diginyze app keeps it that way.

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Proprietary App

Native Android/iOS mobile apps. Manage products, orders, marketing campaigns and customers all in one place.


Personalized Experience

Deliver super-personalized user experiences.

Mobility Feature


Increase sales opportunities and in-Store traffic by offering modern omnichannel fulfillment options with Diginyze Mobility. Keep track of fulfillments, payments, and sales, all from your mobile. Manage your e-store on the fly using our intuitive mobile platform.

Manage Your E-Store On The Run

Manage your online business from anywhere and put customers at the heart of everything you do.

  • Native Mobile Apps & Website

    Take your business online with proprietary eCommerce app, delivery app and mobile-friendly website in minutes.

  • Grow Your Audience with Personalized Advertising

    Promote your online business with data-driven social media, SEO and marketing capabilities and offer personalized experience.

  • Proprietary App

    Download the app in both iOS and Google Play stores. Take your business anywhere.

  • Integrated Delivery Management

    Make multiple deliveries through optimized routes and reduce delivery time and cost. Reminders and notifications for delivery dispatch, route navigation & optimization, and much more.

  • Intelligent Analytics

    Gain deep insights into your visitors, sales, and analyze business performance on the go. Use intelligent customer data to offer personalized experiences.

  • No Hidden Cost

    No hidden costs. No surprise overheads.


Create your e-store in minutes


Manage your store on the go


Grow your audience pool


Real-time analytics. Track orders on the go.

Take your business with you

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