Streamline your eCommerce Operations - Manage All from One Platform

Streamline your eCommerce operations with Diginyze and ERP integration. A centralized system that seamlessly connects key business data such as inventory and financials.

Get real-time business insights from connected data and processes to work smarter and perform better.

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Manage orders, inventory, payments, accounts and much more. Streamlined vendor and asset management for your entire eCommerce business. Track shipping, orders, inventory and much more, on a unified platform.


Bird's-Eye View of All Processes

Get a comprehensive view of information related to orders, products, categories, and customers on a single window.


Automated Push Notifications

Keep your customers informed about their current order status by sending updates related to tracking, shipping, and delivery.


Streamlined Inventory

Automated and streamlined inventory management to maintain as well as monitor stock levels in real-time. Store managers, distributors, wholesalers, and partners can add and amend stock in real-time.


Specialized Self-Service Account Management

Pull in data related to customer purchase history, payments, invoices and buying trends across multiple channels onto a single dashboard.


Centralized Tax Management

Optimize tax compliance. Automatic tax calculations by state, country or city.


Automated Account Reports

Get automated and error-free reports on balance sheets, P/L statements, cash flow, inventory and much more at the click of a button.



Keep your customers and business secure. Protect network and customer data with strong access control measures.


Intelligent Demand Forecasting

Predict future sales by combining historical data and key metrics including previous sales data, repeat purchase, number of customers, etc.

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