Data Management and Business Intelligence

Track insights that matter on the go to take strategic decisions.

Visualize and monitor your eCom KPIs 24/7.

Take data-driven and strategic decisions with access to real-time data. Amplify your decision-making and future omnichannel growth with Diginyze

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Consumer Behavior Analysis

Use advanced behavioral analytics to uncover trends and engage your audience. Conduct analysis of search engine positioning, sales, conversion rates, ROI and more.

Consumer Behavior Analysis
Smart Purchase Behavior Analysis

Smart Purchase Behavior Analysis

Analyze consumer purchase behavior, shifts in purchase trends, consumer active rate, repurchase and more.

Product Performance Analytics

Strategic analysis of data metrics pertaining to the purchase funnel such as how many times a visitor views a product or page, cart abandonment rates, how many times a product reaches checkout, unique purchases, bestselling products, and more. Provide smart recommendations with intelligent product performance insights.

Product Performance Analytics

Add-on Services

Advanced Data Management

Our eCom experts will gather data from disparate sources and bring it under one platform. This data is structured, analyzed, and categorized. Service USPs include data migration, data analytics, data categorization, and content optimization.

Advanced Web Analytics

Get intelligent and real-time website analytics into customers’ purchase patterns and behavior, navigation history, product preferences and more. Conduct in-depth competitive analysis of products and prices. Leverage heat map tracking and customer sessions playback to understand a user’s journey across the website.