AI-Powered eCommerce Platform

Everything you need to sell, scale and amplify your online business under one roof.


Highly Secure, Scalable & Customizable Platform

Low Cost and Quick Deployment. Cloud-Based solution with complete privacy & powerful security.


All-in-One Intelligent eCommerce Platform

All in one eCommerce Suite: Marketing, AI-powered virtual assistants/chatbots, ERP, POS, CRM, Recruitment, HR, Analytics, Accounts & Finance.


Omnichannel Experience

Connect your shoppers with their favorite products through multiple touchpoints such as Website, Mobile Apps, In-store Point-of-Sales (POS), etc. and drive personalized customer experience.


Integration with Legacy Systems & Accounting Solutions

Track your financial insights with inbuilt APIs and third party extensions. Migrate data from your existing legacy system to Diginyze in just few clicks.


Collaborative Mobile Apps

Feature-rich mobile app to manage and control your sales orders, inventory, product discounts, customer insights, purchase behavior and much more on the go.


Business Models

Turnkey B2B, B2C, C2C, Multi-Vendor marketplace business solutions for businesses of all sizes. Key eCommerce functionalities and integrations to streamline and manage marketplace operations.


Inbuilt AI/ML Capabilities

In-built AI/ML capabilities, AI-powered search, recommendations and personalization, AI Fraud detection, AI-powered BOTS, Automation, Inventory Automation and Marketing Automation. Foresee inventory needs/trends with Machine Learning (ML) capabilities.


99.99% Uptime with 24x7 Support

Diginyze offers 24x7 customer support. Seamless integration with legacy enterprise apps including CRM, ERP and many others with assurance. Painless migration from legacy commerce platforms with 99.99% uptime and zero downtime and data loss.

Sell Globally

Create and launch Multi-Country, Multi-Currency and Multilingual eCommerce stores on the go. Target and sell to global and local customers in the language they love.

Real-Time Business Intelligence

Get intelligent and real-time insights into customer purchase patterns, buying behaviors and purchase history on the go, all on a centralized platform.

24/7/365 Support

Reach out to customers across multiple text/voice platforms and via AI-powered BOTs. Whether you are troubleshooting issues on your eCommerce website/app or are looking for business advice, contact our 24/7/365 support.


Key Benefits

Quick & Easy to Set up

Set up your e-store in minutes. Customize and configure your website on the go. No tech worries.


Diginyze offers 24/7 customer support, which most eCommerce platforms sell separately.

Mobile Optimization & Mobile Ready

Make your eCommerce site mobile-responsive right from home page to checkout page on the go.

No hidden costs

No hidden or unpredictable costs. No need to spend additionally on IT staff, support, maintenance, etc.

AI-Driven eCommerce Platform

Deliver ultra-personalized experiences for your customers with Diginyze’ next-gen AI capabilities.

Built-in Digital Marketing Capabilities

Data-driven digital marketing capabilities for SEO, social media, PPC, email marketing, etc.


Run your eCommerce business on the go. From procurements to payments, and orders to inventory, manage taxes/finances, customers, products, and more from a unified platform.

Order Orchestration

Optimize order capture and validation, order fulfillment, shipment, replace and refunds. Take full advantage of being omnichannel.

Centralized Inventory & Customer Data

Real-time inventory management. Manage product stock, SKUs, get low stock alerts, monthly /weekly inventory projections from a unified Admin Interface. Get real-time customer intelligence on specific product purchases and manage your inventory accordingly.

Intelligent & Personalized Product Recommendation

Advance AI technology to offer ultra-personalized shopping experiences for customers. Suggest relevant products based on a customer’s search criteria and drive conversion rates. Provide personalized digital experience.

Automate Quote-to-Cash (QTC)

Automate QTC process and streamline end-to-end selling. Diginyze offers you everything you need to transform an interested user or visitor into a prospective customer. No need to buy costly licenses to maintain separate ERP and CRM systems.

Dynamic Product Catalog Management

Manage and update products and catalogs on the go. Customize and add new fields as per business requirements.

Bulk Ordering – Wholesale eCommerce

Wholesale eCommerce feature allows wholesalers and distributors to order in bulk and manage their Quotes. Set up product configurator at the front end and enhance the sales revenue cycle.

Personalized Customer Interactions

Take personalization to next level by delivering personalized communications to customers based on interests, real-time behavior, preferences and send out offers, manage wallet balance and notify customers on the go.

Tax Automation with Avalara

Integrate Avalara to automate sales tax compliance and improve tax filing. Automatically calculate sales and tax for invoices, transactions and other account activities.


Built-in Digital Marketing Capabilities

Diginyze comes with well-integrated marketing capabilities for email marketing, social media marketing, SEO and more. Manage and track all your marketing campaigns and activities from a centralized eCommerce platform.

No need to manage third-party apps or solutions to manage your marketing activities. Take the guesswork out of your marketing with Diginyze’ built-in marketing capabilities that help you create and analyze your campaigns.

Get real-time marketing intelligence to launch impactful and data-driven campaigns. Track website traffic, conversion rates and much more on a unified dashboard. Get intelligent and predictive insights into marketing for future growth.

Diginyze Digital Marketing

All Customer Data in One Window

One platform with all eCommerce, customer information and point-of-sale features that you need to manage and amplify your business. Real-time sales and marketing information at your fingertips.

A unified hub to keep and manage all customer information. Customizable dashboard to track marketing activities and customer data on the go.

Centralized platform with all eCommerce and point-of-sale features you need to manage your online business. Real-time sales information for sales forecasting.

Diginyze CRM

Centralized Enterprise Resource Planning

Get a bird’s-eye view of all mission-critical processes such as orders, inventory, payments and more from a unified platform. Streamline vendor and asset management and track shipping on the go.

Automated and streamlined inventory management in real-time. Store managers, distributors, wholesalers, and partners can add and amend stock in real-time.

Centralized tax management. Optimize tax compliance and processes. Automatic tax calculations by state, country or city.

Connect all front and back-office operations from a unified hub!

Invoice, expense reporting, inventory, sales, finance reporting, purchase orders, taxation, user management, manage all your front and back-office operations in a hassle free manner.


Grow your eBusiness with Diginyze POS

Bring your online and in-store sales together with Diginyze POS. Gain valuable insights about your eBusiness from a centralized hub and work smarter.


Business intelligence at your fingertips!

  • Track insights that matter on the run. Leverage the power of AI-driven analytics to drive customer engagement on your eCommerce store.


Mobile Commerce (M-Commerce)

Diginyze Mobile Apps let you manage and control sales orders, inventory, customers, marketing campaigns, shipments and supply chain - Anywhere, Anytime, On the Go! Build your eCommerce store in minutes. From retail mobile apps to warehouse/inventory management apps, Diginyze offers an ultimate m-commerce experience.


AI-powered bots to drive personalized user experiences

AMI is next-gen AI-driven bot powered by Machine Learning (ML) algorithms to drive personalized user experiences and customer engagement.

Conversational-AI to Build Winning Relationships

Conversational-AI to identify human sentiments and engage in personalized conversations.

Integrate with Ease

Ultra-light SDK. Supports seamless integration with legacy apps, platforms, website etc.

Ready-to-Deploy AI Bots

Custom-build and ready-to-deploy AI bots to assist your e-store visitors

24 X 7 Customer Support

Dedicated support to ensure zero downtime and data loss. Expedited response times for mission-critical customer service moments.

Deliver Hyper-Personalized Customer Experiences

Provide hyper-personalized customer experiences and make intelligent business decisions with advanced AI and automation features.

Customer intelligence. Gain insights into customers’ buying behavior. Provide valuable product recommendations combined with intelligent AI-powered search.

Keep your customers informed of the new arrivals, special offers, and best deals with automated emails and messages when new products or special offers are added.


Get more done for less

Automate manual tasks into automated workflows across your eCommerce store. Drive brand awareness and customer experience to the next level with excellent marketing automation capabilities.

Automate day-to-day activities, provide seamless checkout experiences to your customers and shift your focus on other important areas.

Take the stress out of sales with automation. Free up your sales team from admin tasks so that they focus more on selling. Automate follow-ups, call tracking, repetitive sales chores, etc.

Move information seamlessly between multiple systems

Connect data and processes from all front and back-office operations on a unified eCommerce platform with our integration connectors. Enterprise app integration (ERP, CRM, POS, inventory, marketing, customer service, etc.)

Our ERP & CRM connectors enable you to move information seamlessly between disparate enterprise applications and systems facilitating efficient operations across the entire value chain.

Eliminate manual data entry processes and data duplication. Improve speed of data exchange and save hundreds of hours per week in order processing and fulfillment.

Diginyze Connectors

Seamless Integrations with Legacy Systems

Seamless integration with most legacy enterprise applications including ERP, CRM and others. Painless migration from legacy commerce platforms with zero downtime and data loss.


Create, launch and scale your eCom business with ease

Get started with ready-to-use and custom templates for your domain. Instant access to all the required resources and tools to scale your eCommerce business.

Bring your brand to life with ready-to-go themes and templates. Custom site templates and design layouts to fit your industry and penchant.

From fashion to automotive and grocery to banking, build custom features tailored for specific business domains and requirements.

Diginyze Theme


Diginyze Platform Highlights

Diginyze Dashboard

Easy and quick access to a state-of-the-art dashboard to help you gain crucial insights to help grow to your business. Track store performance on a unified dashboard. Get a bird’s-eye view of orders, conversion rates, sales channels, shipping, payments, average order value, marketing campaigns, and much more.

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One Stop Order Processing

Diginyze’ Order Management helps you track all your customer’s touchpoints across multiple sales and fulfillment channels. It gathers information from each customer touchpoint. From capture to source and fulfilment, customer remains at the heart of everything you do.

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Automate Product & Inventory

Automate critical operations like inventory, procurement, support, payments and foresee inventory needs/trends. Simplify store management.

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Manage Customers

Manage customers, orders, products, and much more from your home, office or anywhere on the go. Build lasting customer relationships and build loyalty.

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Diginyze Marketing

Integrated digital marketing capabilities for social media marketing, email marketing, PPC, SEO and much more. Take the guesswork out with built-in digital marketing capabilities.

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Business Intelligence & Analytics

Next-gen modules to provide real-time and intelligent analytics into customers’ purchase patterns, site navigation history, preferences and much more. Heat map tracking and customer sessions playback to understand a user’s journey across the website.

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Diginyze AMI

AI-powered bot to drive ultra-personalized user experiences and customer engagement.

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Turnkey eCommerce Platform

Run multiple online businesses. Connect all front and back-office operations on a single and integrated eCommerce platform.

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