About Us

More than an eCommerce platform!

eCommerce is in our DNA. Our game-changing eCommerce platform is more than just a website builder. Dimensions is the brainchild of 20 years of eCommerce and Digital Transformation (DX) leadership. The rapid shift towards a digital-first age has stirred significant changes in the eCommerce ecosystem. The need to provide ultra-personalized experiences was never this evident. Dimensions is packed with advanced AI, machine learning, visual search, personalized virtual assistants (chatbots) and much more to deliver super-personalized experiences. A powerful eCommerce platform built atop a cutting-edge software framework to create and launch your e-store on the run.

Unlike most eCommerce platforms that offer old-school tools only to keep your business up and running, Dimensions is loaded with all that you need to start, launch and grow your e-business. You don’t have to duct-tape 3rd party software, apps and plug-ins to your system to run your eCommerce store.

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Dimensions lets you take a smarter approach to eCommerce with:

  • Enterprise-grade security (built-in threat protection & PCI compliance)
  • Automatic upgrades and pre-built integrations
  • Omnichannel experience (mobility & POS)
  • Customer & business intelligence with live bubble chart and heat maps
  • Real-time customer journey insights to build buyer-specific experiences
  • AI-powered configurable chatbots/virtual assistants to provide personalized experience
  • Speech recognition and visual search for enhanced user experience
  • Centralized and customizable dashboard to put you in control
  • Robust and open partner ecosystem/partner model (sellers, vendors, etc.)
  • One ecommerce platform to support any business model
  • Integrated digital marketing for targeted and cross-channel marketing
  • Seamless integration of data and processes from all back-office operations and ERP/CRM applications
  • Low total cost of ownership and operational cost
  • 24/7 support

Most importantly, Dimensions comes with fully integrated and tested advanced digital marketing capabilities. With Dimensions, you don’t need to hire developers or tech experts to maintain your online store, since we take care of all your eCommerce woes thus, bringing down the total cost of ownership.

Highly Secure eCommerce Platform

Unlike other open-source commerce platforms that are prone to hacks, Dimensions ensures that your eCommerce store receives regular security patches and updates. Dimensions comes with enterprise-grade security with built-in threat protection (two-factor authentication), PCI compliance and robust encryption to protect your eCommerce store from identity thefts, hacks, and security breaches.


Fully Integrated Business Platform

Fully scalable, Dimensions is a fully-integrated business commerce platform that lets you manage your sales and workflow, inventory and more. Dimensions is well-equipped to accommodate a growing eCommerce store’s needs including extensions, integrations and customizations. No hidden or additional costs.

Omnichannel Commerce Platform

Dimensions is a go-to eCommerce platform to help your e-business grow faster and amplify the brand value and sell globally on multiple marketplaces including B2C, B2B, C2C, D2B/C and other digital channels with multi-lingual and multi-currency support. Deliver omnichannel experience to your customers across multiple touch points such as websites, mobile apps, in-store POS, kiosks, etc.


Full Support & Integration

Seamless integration with most inbuilt APIs, third-party extensions and legacy enterprise applications including CRM, ERP, and others. Painless migration from standalone or legacy commerce platforms with zero downtime and data loss. Dedicated support team with real-time reporting.

Business & Customer Intelligence

Dimensions is equipped with next-gen modules and capabilities to offer business intelligence including real-time website analytics pertaining to a customer’s navigation history, buying preferences, purchase patterns and more. Heat map tracking and customer sessions playback offer smart customer journey insights.


AI-Driven eCommerce Platform

Deploy AI-powered chatbots on your e-store to drive personalized user experiences. Automate key processes such as payments, support, procurement, and foresee inventory needs/trends. Integrate smart visual search feature on your eCommerce site powered by AI and deliver smart product recommendations to prospects.

Mobile Commerce (M-Commerce)

Run your business on the fly with Dimensions. Manage products, customers, orders, inventory, supply chain and more from your home, office or anywhere. From retail mobile apps to inventory/warehouse management apps, Dimensions help you offer with ultimate M-Commerce experience.


Integrated Digital Marketing Capabilities

Get integrated marketing capabilities for email marketing, SEO, social media marketing, PPC and more. Manage all your marketing campaigns from a single dashboard. Take the guesswork out of your marketing with our tested digital marketing team.