7 Key Digital Marketing Trends You Need To Know In 2021

By Diginyze April 28, 2021 Read Time :- 12 min
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Digital marketing trends and strategies have always invoked interests in digital and non-digital businesses. These trends and strategies are shaped by market conditions, and changing consumer requirements. It can be rightly said that the digital marketing strategies and trends in 2021 are shaped by the COVID-19 Pandemic and even if it subsides, customer behavior may never change. Are you intrigued to know what those trends and strategies are? If yes, this post leads you through them.

Digital Marketing Trends and Strategies That May Drive Your Business in 2021

This list comprises several new and old trends and strategies that will help your business stand out during these challenging times.

1) Experience Optimization:

Perhaps, you may have heard of the new Google update Core Web Vitals, which Google plans to roll out in May 2021. This update focuses on experience optimization. It will measure interactivity, site load time, and content stability, experience across all channels, among other features. The experience that the site offers across all channels will become a major ranking factor in search engines.


2) Personalization:

It is the ability of your business to make your customers feel welcome. You need to focus on sending personalized content, emails, and other information. Why so? Perhaps, the following statistics will help you understand it better.

  • o 80% of customers want to be associated with businesses that makes them feel welcomed
  • 90% of customers appreciate personalization
  • 63% of customers are likely to unsubscribe the emails that do not address them directly Retaining existing customers is much easier than acquiring new customers. This is because the brand has enough data to send personalized messages, as it has already bypassed several stages of the customer journey.

3) Voice Search Engine:

Voice search is the most powerful digital trend, which enables businesses to lead their customers. The voice search technique is the most convenient and easy way to communicate and search on the website. Today, almost 90% of customers use mobile to search for information. And also voice search engines like Alexa and Siri give almost 95% accurate answers to the customers almost like a human. So, businesses should optimize their web pages for voice search by focusing on keywords, which reflect on how customers may ask questions or make service requests.


4) Social Videos:

Social videos have been popular for quite a time now. TikTok started this trend, and today, Instagram Reels, Twitter Fleets are continuing it. These social video platforms enable brands to build attractive brand stories that are directly delivered to customer’s feeds. These video platforms enable brands to stay connected to their customers.

5) Visual Search:

Visual search is not a new strategy still it is highly popular with people. Visual search is a term for searching through images. You can add the image to get specific results. Pinterest Lens, Google Lens, CamFind, and Bing Visual Search are a few popular visual search engines, which allow you to upload brand-specific images. A study by Social Media Today indicates that 62% of buyers today are interested in visual search results, 19% of Google search queries bring image results, and over 600 million visual searches are launched every month. It means, marketers can still rely on images if they wish to score over their competitors in 2021


6) Interactive Content:

The demand for content that speaks for your brand is all time high. People are more likely to stay on your website it engages them through interactive features such as quick calculators, augmented reality advertisements, polls and quizzes, infographics, and 360-degree videos. A study says that 80% of people are likely to see interactive videos on your website. However, only 20% of people may only read the content. Do you want to miss the chance of catering the 80%? If the answer sounds No, then you must take interactive content like videos seriously.

7) Augmented Reality (AR):

eCommerce has made life easier during COVID-19, however, it has increased skepticism in people. Many people are still reluctant to buy anything online, as they cannot see the product in reality. Knowing this, nowadays, marketers are incorporating AR elements on their website or investing in AR advertisements. These AR advertisements can be used across different marketing channels, thereby making them cost-effective. The AR advertisements will help customers imagine how the real products will look like and they would help brands to reduce the product returns.


Conclusion :

Knowing, these different product strategies and trends are not enough. It is also important to incorporate them into your website in the right way. Many online eCommerce platforms like Futurism Diginyze offer several advanced marketing features, which help businesses promote their products effectively and reach the right audience. Get in touch with our team today to know more about these features and how our marketing team can support you to achieve your marketing goals easily in 2021 and beyond.

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