5 Beneficial Aspects of CRM that Enhance Performance of eCommerce

By Diginyze June 24, 2021 Read Time :- 14 min
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Customer Relationship Management (CRM) is a necessity of any business. eCommerce businesses are no exception to this. Since eCommerce retail businesses operate on virtual, digital mediums, the use of CRM tools can be highly beneficial. ECommerce businesses are exposed to high competition, as customers have multiple options available. In such conditions, customer assistance and customer support can be the real game-changer. That is why CRM is highly beneficial in eCommerce platforms. This post discusses the top 5 beneficial aspects of CRM that enhance the performance of eCommerce businesses.

5 Benefits of Integrating CRM in eCommerce:

Here are a few benefits of CRM that contribute to the growth of eCommerce and retail businesses.

1) Customer Segmentation:

CRM allows customer segmentation based on several factors. The product search results and recommendations on the eCommerce platform can be customized based on customer segmentation. The factors like age gender, location, interests, etc can be used for customer segmentation using CRM tools. This helps in attracting customers by presenting relevant products and services to them. CRM certainly acts as a smart tool for lead generation.

04-Customer Segmentation

2) Customer Engagement:

Customer engagement is essential for business growth. CRM tools offer easy solutions for customer feedback, surveys, and information gathering. Promotional activities like distribution of promo codes, discount coupons, etc can be done via a CRM tool. This can ultimately boost sales.

3) Predictive Sales Analytics:

Since CRM tools make it easy to gather and store information, they can be used for predictive sales analytics. The predictive sales analytics is generated based on the data gathered through past purchases, product search histories of customers, and so on. The predictive sales analytics reports can be further used for building a result-centric sales strategy that can reflect positive revenue.


4) Customer Support and Assistance:

Effective customer support can enhance the business's reputation. CRM tools can be integrated with modern tools like Chatbot, virtual customer attendant, etc which can offer quick customer support and assistance. This can enhance customer satisfaction and business reputation.

5) Payment Gateway Management:

If eCommerce platform supports multiple payment gateways, analysis and management of invoicing and billing can be done via CRM tools. By using the predictive sales analytics developed in CRM, the best possible revenue sources can be generated, the highest-value customers can be segmented and products and services can be customized based on the compatibility of payment gateways.



Social Media Integration:

CRM tools can be integrated with social media which will eventually increase the internet presence of eCommerce businesses. Now that beneficial aspects of CRM in eCommerce business are well-persuaded, the platforms to enhance the integrated performance of CRM for eCommerce businesses can be adopted. Futurism Diginyze is one of the highly efficient all-in-one platforms that support the eCommerce + CRM integration. This highly secure, customizable, and scalable platform can effectively integrate CRM into your eCommerce retail store which can result in improved customer satisfaction, and increased revenues.