Futurism Set to Star at GITEX Technology Week 2020

The future is digital, the future is now!

By Futurism Dimensions March 11, 2017 Read Time :- 14 min
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Futurism Technologies, Inc. is all set to have a major presence at the 40th-Anniversary edition of the GITEX Technology Week in Dubai, UAE, which is the largest technology exhibition in the entire Middle East.

Spearhead your digital transformation journey with Futurism

  • Stop by our kiosk: Hall No. ____ Booth No. ____
  • December 06-10-2020
  • Dubai World Trade Centre, Dubai, UAE.

How Futurism Can Help You Accelerate Ahead of the Pack?

Over the next few years, technologies such as Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Deep Learning, IoT, 5G, Cloud/Edge Computing, Blockchain, RPA, etc. will transform businesses as we see it today. Empowering people and businesses with next-gen technologies while keeping everything secure has always been a top priority for Futurism.

At GITEX Technology Week 2020, we will be showcasing our tested DX solutions, demonstrating our capabilities in emerging technologies and discussing how businesses can be future-proof starting now. For organizations that wish to prepare for shifting global trends, we will help them realize how Futurism can put your customers at the heart of everything you do.

Feeding the Future Now

We provide DX services and solutions spanning across the entire value chain including cybersecurity, cognitive intelligence, digital infrastructure, business processes automation, and digital customer engagement.

1. Cybersecurity

A futuristic approach to cybersecurity. End-to-end cybersecurity solutions to gain better visibility and control over all your IT/network infrastructure and endpoints including mobile devices, IoT devices, wearables, business data, etc.

  • EndPoint Secure
  • Eagle Eye (powered by IBM QRadar)
  • Email/Web security
  • VAPT
  • Consulting
  • Network security

2. IoT

Delivering IoT solutions that scale at the speed of light.

Usher in the era of a connected world with our comprehensive suite of IoT services. Create new revenue streams, drive operational efficiency, curb costs and maximize ROI with unparalleled IoT capabilities.

  • Digital IoT services (smart factory, smart office, etc.)
  • IoT security
  • Email/Web security
  • IoT strategy and advisory services
  • IoT design/build services
  • Cloud IoT services (AWS, IBM, Microsoft Azure, Google, and more)

3. AI/ML/RPA (Cognitive Services)

Giving your enterprise the ‘brAIn’ it needs!

Bring business intelligence to life with our coming-of-age cognitive services. Understand and unlock the data that matters the most to your business. Tailor-made AI solutions to fit your needs.

  • Virtual assistants/agents
  • Knowledge virtualization
  • Visual computing
  • Predictive Analytics
  • RPA

4. Digital Transformation

Stay ahead of the curve.

Self-funding digital transformation. We offer customized digital solutions in an iterative and cost-efficient approach for every company. Be the next trendsetter with our DX offerings.

  • Cloud
  • Mobility
  • Big Data
  • AMI Chatbots

5. Digital Experience

Don’t just follow digital trends, own them!

Pivot your DX journey with our robust and tested digital experience services including UI/UX, Digital Marketing, Ecommerce, Branding, and much more.

  • Website Analytics
  • Digital Marketing/Advertising
  • Influencer Marketing
  • Digital Industries Consulting

6. Dimensions (E-commerce)

Bring your e-commerce business to life with Dimensions.

We can develop modern and robust e-commerce frameworks powered by unparalleled AI capabilities to help your e-commerce business stay ahead in today’s age of digital disruption.

  • ERP Integration
  • SaaS Platforms
  • Web and Mobile Design
  • AI capabilities (virtual assistants/Chatbots, smart inventory, visual search, etc.)
  • Data Management and Business Intelligence
  • Integrated marketing tools

About Futurism

We’re not just another IT company! We understand the fact that digital transformation is not a one-size-fits-all thing. With strong industry experience and domain knowledge, we are well-versed with industry-specific goals, challenges, and requisites of digital disruption. We partner with you to create a digital transformation roadmap that is tied directly to the business output. As industries evolve, they create new opportunities and value for businesses. Futurism not only helps a business identify these evolving opportunities and gaps but also helps you bridge and capitalize on them.

The void between next and now is a big challenge for many, and how a business fills the void is everything! We can do that for you.

Drop by our kiosk to meet our amazing DX experts and thought leaders to find out how we can pivot y our DX journey on the right foot.

To get the full picture of what Futurism is showcasing at GITEX 2020, join us at Hall No. ____ Booth No. ____

To schedule a meeting with Futurism at GITEX 2020, call UAE +971 507 500 841 or USA +1 732 790 2938

We look forward to welcoming you at GITEX Technology Week 2020 to help you reimagine your business!

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